Who can use Codebrush?

Codebrush is created for anyone who is looking for a high quality (responsive) website, for an affordable price.

How much does a Codebrush website cost?

You can always register for a demo website, and enjoy all the features of Codebrush – all free of charge. No credit card registration is required. You can upgrade your demo website to a live website anytime. The costs are 4,99 euro’s excl. VAT per month.

How many sites can I build with Codebrush.io?

You can build as many websites as you like… There are no restrictions on the amount of websites.

Do I need any knowledge about coding or design to build my website with Codebrush?

No knowledge is required. Creating a website is possible for everyone. You can manage and edit the content of your website with no coding skills whatsoever.

How can I use Codebrush?

Create a Codebrush account first. After that you can start with a free demo website or directly start with a live website.

Can I create my own unique website from scratch?

Yes. There are no limitations. It's possible to develop your own website in any style you want.

Are there template websites available?

Yes. You can pick one of our fully adjustable template websites if you want to save time.

Can I customize my website?

Yes. All design and content elements are fully adjustable.

Can I buy my own domain name?

Yes. You can buy your own domain name at Codebrush. After that your domain will be directly connected to your Codebrush website.

Do you offer a user-friendly CMS?

Yes. We made sure that any element on your website is fully editable in our CMS.

Can I make changes after my website is published?

Yes. You can change and update any element of your website anytime you like.

Does my website show up in search engines?

Yes. We offer built-in SEO tools to improve the position of your website in all search engines, ensuring maximum exposure and traffic to your website.

Can I manage multiple websites?

Yes. All of your websites can be reached from your dashboard.

Can I find out how many people visit my site?

Yes. We offer accurate real-time statistics regarding traffic to your website.

Do I need to set up a hosting service?

No. You just press Publish and your website is live immediately.

Where is my website hosted?

Your websites is automatically hosted on our advanced cloud hosting platform with a world-wide network of servers. This infrastructure ensures that your website will enjoy high-performance delivery, security, reliability, and stability for both you and your clients.

What is Codebrush affiliate-program?

You will collect €30 for every website ordered by everyone you refer.

How do I become a Codebrush affiliate?

You only need to fill in our application form. You can find this form on affiliates.codebrush.io. Once your application is approved, you will find the affiliate link at your dashboard.

How much am I going to earn with the Codebrush affiliate-program?

You will earn €30 for each website you sell, no limit. The more buyers you redirect to us, the more you earn.

Is the number of sales limited?

No. The more buyers you refer to us, the more you ultimately earn.

What websites qualify to become a Codebrush affiliate?

Each website can participate. We however reserve the right to refuse websites that contain objectionable content (including explicit language or content) or support violent or discriminatory groups.

How are my sales tracked?

Our affiliate links contain a unique code which allows us to keep track of who has been referred from your website. Our tracking system allows your URL "remember" and can therefore guarantee that any premium sale that is referred by you is counted.

How and when do I get paid?

You can withdraw you money anytime you want. To get paid you do not need to send us an invoice.

Read our Terms and Conditions for further details.

How do I become a Codebrush designer?

You only need to fill in our application form on designer.codebrush.io. After that you can login to our system, where you will be able to send in your design as template.

How much am I going to earn as a Codebrush designer?

You will earn €25 for each template that is sold and that is designed by you. The more people buy your template, the more you earn.

Is the number of templates you design limited?

No. The more templates you design, the more money you can potentially earn.

Any further questions?

Send us an email!

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